LSC-LX01(DE) Liva Lightning Counter

LSC-LX01(DE) Liva Lightning Counter
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LSC-LX01(DE) Liva Lightning Counter
LSC-LX01(DE) Liva Lightning Counter

When the device detects a lightning strike, it sends information to an E-Mail Module connected to the device.
E-Mail Module has a circuit with Ethernet Port to communicate over the internet.
In order for the system to send messages, an active internet connection must be made to the Ethernet Port with the help of a cable. In addition, a message containing the e-mail addresses to be sent and the information to be sent must be uploaded to the device.
Within the scope of this information, with the signal coming from the Lightning Counter (indicating that a lightning strike has been detected), the e-mail module sends the loaded message to the relevant telephone numbers and informs that the system has received a lightning strike.

Assembly and Connections:

The Lightning Counter connection is made with a "serial connection" on the lightning protection system down conductor. In practice, it should be connected to a point that can be followed / seen as easily as possible and will not be damaged. Sample connection details are given above. According to this;

In lightning protection systems installed using Active Lightning Rod and / or Simple Capture Rod (Franklin Rod) and landing from a single line, Lightning Counter can be used on the landing line before the test terminal or instead of the test terminal.

In lightning protection systems such as the Cage Method (Faraday Cage);
1. Possible to get a lightning strike,
2. The highest point of the building / facility,
3. It can be connected to the closest landing line, which is the middle point of the application, before the test terminal or instead of the test terminal.

In lightning protection systems with such multi-landing lines, if the structure / facility is large / large (*) and / or high, then other lightning counter or lightning counters can be used in addition to the first lightning counter. In this case, it is necessary to place the lightning counters at distant points within the scope of the risks mentioned above.
(*) It is recommended to plan one lightning meter for each 100 meters.

Maintenance and Controls:

Liva Lightning Counters should be checked during periodic checks of the lightning protection system and maintenance should be made when necessary according to the characteristics of the devices.
During the periodic checks of the lightning protection system of the devices, a function test should be performed for all lightning counters.
All maintenance must be recorded as it will constitute a reference for subsequent maintenance.

If it is detected that the lightning protection system has received a lightning strike, periodic checks of the system should be carried out immediately and / or as soon as possible. In this context;
1. The system should be examined in detail for possible damage, if any, problems should be corrected,
2. Earth transition resistance should be measured,
3. If there are devices such as Active Lightning Rod, Lightning Counter and Earth Resistance Tracker in the system, their function tests should be performed.

Function Test:

Liva Lightning Counter Function Test can be easily performed with the help of Liva Active Lightning Rod and Lightning Counter Test Devices.

Function testing is very simple with both testers. The picture about the test can be seen below. According to this;

LED Indicator Tester with the help of LED Digital Tester informs the status of the system with the help of LCD Display when the menu is followed.
Both test devices advance the Lightning Counter numerator one step at the end of the test. In this way, the function test of the lightning counter is made. At the same time, it is understood that the system is controlled and recorded.