Lightning Risk Account

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Size of the Building L m
Width of Structure W m
Height of Structure H m
The distance between the farthest point to be protected from lightning and the lightning rod m
C1 FACTOR - Environmental Coefficient
If the structure is in the same or higher trees or structures
If the building is surrounded by buildings of lesser height
If the distance to the nearest building is 3 times the height of the building (3H)
If the building is the highest in its region,
C2 FACTOR - Structural Coefficients
Roof / Structure Metal Brick, Concrete ignitable
C3 FACTOR - Structural Coefficients
worthless, non-flammable
Normal value, flammable
precious, flammable
Very valuable, flammable and explosive
FACTOR C4 - Human Situation in Buildings
Unmanned building
Normal crowd
Risky of panic, difficulty evacuating/td>
C5 FACTOR - Importance of Structure in the Environment
No continuous use, worthless in the environment
In continuous use, worthless in the environment
Valuable in the environment
Number of Thunderstorm Days ( Click to Select from Turkey Thunderstorm Map )
Annual Average Thunder Days (Click for World Map)
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